Photography has become an increasingly addictive endeavor over the past nineteen years. My initial focus was cityscapes and street photography, reflecting a lifelong fascination with architecture and urbanization. Since then, I've opened my photographic interests to natural landscapes, macrophotography, abstract, wildlife, portraits and everything in between.

I've found the camera to be an immensely gratifying way to reveal unique visual perspectives that often elude first impressions. It's become not only a means by which I explore new places, but also a way to rediscover old places — to see things I've viewed countless times before as if I'm experiencing them again for the very first time.

I'm based in my adopted hometown of Houston, though much of my work is set in various travel destinations (including Brazil, Australia, the American West, and New Zealand) as well as other places I've previously called home (including Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Fort Worth).

I'm always appreciative of comments, inquiries, critiques and new photographic ideas, any and all of which may be sent either by clicking here or by selecting "Contact" in the menu above. Thank you for visiting my website.