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I've been slowly adding more and more photographs from my recent trip to Utah and Arizona in the Landscapes gallery.  I'll hopefully get through all of them soon, after which I'll organize them into a separate Utah/Arizona gallery as well under the Archives section.  Enjoy!      
Bryce Canyon Sunrise Stud Horse Point, Arizona
Paria Plateau, Arizona Grand Canyon North Rim


Some of my photographs are also on display at  Please check out their site, which has an immense collection of work from a variety of wonderful artists.  I plan to add more of my photographs to their site over time.  For now, please visit the following sponsored pages of prints on their site:
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Last month, I embarked on a week-long trek through Utah and Arizona with two photography friends. Arriving from Houston, Melbourne and Phoenix, the three of us converged in Kanab to share many early sunrises, many late sunsets, and many long (sometimes precarious) hikes in between.  I came back with bruised elbows, scraped legs, sore shoulders and a full beard, but luckily no broken bones and lots of images of this amazing American landscape. I'm still in the process of organizing the photos and will be posting as I go.  Several images are now posted on Facebook, and the following shot from Stud Horse Point has been added to the Landscapes gallery. 
Stud Horse Point at Sunset in Arizona


Happy New Year!  I've added a number of photos to the website that were taken in 2013 in Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, including at the Kimball Art Museum, Amon Carter Art Museum, and the Lone Star Hot Rod Custom Car Show in Austin.  Please click an image below to view an updated gallery.   
El Mercado in Austin Renzo Piano Pavilion, Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth
Gears at Rice University in Houston Chef d'Orchestre at the Amon Carter Museum

My father and I at Sentinel Dome in Yosemite CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP PHOTOS POSTED

Photographs from a 10-day, father-son road trip in California are now posted.  
We started in Los Angeles on June 15th, which was actually my 10-year USC Law School reunion.  The next day we started the actual road strip, heading north to Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Montaña de Oro State Park, and Morro Bay (we covered a lot of ground on day one!).  
The next two days, we continued north on Highway 1 to Big Sur, and then to Carmel, San Jose, San Francisco (where we stopped for dinner with our cousins), and finally to Point Reyes where we stayed the night.  The next morning, June 19th, we hiked Tomales Point with herds of Elk, and then made an afternoon drive east for sunset pictures in South Lake Tahoe.  
On June 20th, we started with morning hikes around South Lake Tahoe and then drove south along beautiful Highway 395 to the gold rush era ghost-town of Bodie.  That evening, we made it further south to take pictures of the unique alien landscape of Mono Lake that evening and the next morning. By mid-morning on June 21, we drove along Highway 120 through majestic Yosemite National Park, and ended the day with a hike to Sentinel Dome for an amazing view and sunset photos.  
Our final day consisted of a rather boring drive through the central valley back down to the Los Angeles area, and ended with a wonderful visit with more cousins in Claremont, followed by our flight back to Texas the next day.  
Please click the image or here to view
photographs from the California Road Trip


The photographs from my trip last year to Brazil have now all been posted, exactly one year to the day after returning from that trip.  Please make sure to scroll all the way down in that gallery, there are a lot of images!   
Rio de Janeiro at night from Sugarloaf
Click here or the image above to view the Brazil gallery.


I added two new pictures in the Landscapes gallery of some ominous pre-storm skies over Fort Worth, taken at sunset on May 20, 2013.  These images are not manipulated to alter the colors; this is actually how the skies looked that evening…it was very eerie!  I was later told by a meteorologist that these are mammatus clouds, somewhat rare and usually associated with severe thunderstorms.  They just happened to form before a storm that evening around 8:00-8:15 p.m. and, coupled with the light from the final moments of the sunset, created these beautiful layers of color.


Fort Worth Skies I Fort Worth Skies II

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Since redesigning the website, I have been continually updating the galleries and adding new photographs, including recent pictures from San Antonio and New Braunfels, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, and a Porsche Club Race at the Texas World Speedway.  Of course, I'm continually adding pictures from my trip last year to Brazil, and hope to finally get through them all by next month (I can't believe it's taken literally one whole year to through them all!).  Please click the preceding links or the images below to view the galleries.
Museu de Arte Contemporânea in Niterói, Brazil Porsche Club Race at Texas World Speedway
The Alamo in San Antonio Cavanaugh Flight Museum


A complete redesign of this website is now complete (for the fourth time since its inception in 2001).  Previously, I pain-stakenly created each webpage element using "WYSIWYG"-esk design software (like Rapidweaver and FrontPage).  This time, however, I've migrated to Zenfolio as my host provider and they now handle the "heavy-lifting" involved with coding and whatnot.  The result, I believe, is a much better and consistent website optimized for viewing photography online.  Also, the site now allows for online purchase of photographic prints and secure client access for proofs and private galleries.  With the new design completed, my next project is to finally finish processing all of last year's pictures from Brazil.  Wish me luck!


I've added a new sunset photograph to the Landscapes gallery, taken in September 2012 over Lake Frankston in east Texas.
Sunset over Lake Frankston, Texas


Purchasing Prints Online

I now have added the ability for clients to purchase fine art prints online through Zenfolio and MPIX labs.   For more information, please click "Prints". There is also now a secure client access section where clients can view proofs from photo shoots and preview print orders. 

New Photos Added

In addition to the new online purchasing functionality, I have also added a few new images in the People and Boxstoberfest galleries from recent roadtrips to Santa Fe and Fredericksburg, respectively. I still have a lot of work to organize the photos from my trip in April to Brazil, but hopefully those will be completed and displayed very soon.
Sante Fe International Folks Art Festival Boxstoberfest at Gillespie County Airport in Fredericksburg


Updated Website Design

I have been working over past several months on a new layout and design for this website, which I finally completed this evening. The overall look and feel of the website has not changed significantly. However, I have completely reorganized the images in the portfolio galleries and added new information about photo shoots in the Houston area. While the main portfolio galleries includes my primary photographic work, I will continue to also use this site to share many of my personal and travel photos, which are now found under the "archives" galleries. 

New Photos Added

Along with the design update, I have also added numerous new images throughout the portfolio galleries as well as many new personal photos from Melbourne. I still have a voluminous amount of work to organize from my trip earlier this year to New Zealand. I will continue adding new photos from New Zealand as I work through those remaining images.
Middle Brighton Beach in Melbourne
New Years Eve in Melbourne 2011
Click here to an image above to view the Melbourne gallery.


I originally intended to work chronologically through the photos from my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, but I decided to skip ahead to Christchurch after the devastating earthquake that struck the city last month. Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand and was my first stop in the country. It’s considered one of the most “English” cities outside England and was named after its founder’s alma mater, Christ Church College at Oxford University.

Prior to my arrival, Christchurch had been hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on September 4, 2010 and a 4.9 magnitude aftershock on December 26, 2010. These events caused serious damage to a number of buildings in the central business district. Some structures were partially collapsed and others had bricks and masonry knocked onto the street. Remarkably, there were no direct fatalities resulting from these two earlier events. However, when I arrived in the city last January, the damage from these tremors was still very apparent, and numerous streets, alleyways and sidewalks were cordoned around the damaged buildings. Fortunately, most of the city was still generally accessible and its landmarks, including the iconic Christchurch Cathedral, were still standing. 

Although I was only in Christchurch for two nonconsecutive days during my trip, I immensely enjoyed walking the city and learning about its history and architecture. It was heartbreaking after my return to Houston to hear the news that this city had been devastated by yet another earthquake on February 22, 2011. This quake measured 6.3 in magnitude but, unlike the earlier events, had a shallower epicenter that was closer to the city. It also struck on an early weekday afternoon when the central business district was at its busiest. It caused widespread damage and nearly 200 fatalities, making it the second deadliest natural disaster in New Zealand’s history. 

Many historic landmarks were lost or severely damaged, including the Christchurch Cathedral. Below are two “before and after” images of the Christchurch Cathedral and the ANZ Bank Chambers Building, comparing a photo I took from my trip with an image from the news after the February earthquake. Sadly, I may have a few more of these comparison photographs to come. 

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to experience and photograph these landmarks before they were lost, and to have not been in the city during the quake. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch, as well as to the people in Japan who recently suffered an even more devastating earthquake and tsunami. 

Click here to an image above to view the gallery.



I recently visited Sydney, Melbourne and the South Island of New Zealand on a three week “get away from everything” trip. I had an amazing time exploring new places, meeting new people, drinking my weight in beer, and―of course―taking a ton of pictures. 

My first stop was Sydney, where I stayed for four days. It’s an aesthetically wonderful city, with a dense and architecturally diverse urban core surrounded by a stunning harbor, eastern beach communities and walkable inland suburbs. As exciting as it was to start exploring this unique place, it was a near photographic disaster when, on day three, an internal mirror in my camera fell loose rendering it completely unusable. Luckily, I was able to “swap” my EOS 5D camera body for an identical one at a local camera shop called George’s, which allowed me to keep shooting without skipping a beat. 

Back in Houston, I’ve been trudging (slowly but surely) through the voluminous mass of images I brought home with me. I’m processing them chronologically, and just today made it through Sydney. After Sydney, my next stop was Melbourne, and I hope to have those pictures posted very soon, followed by the Great Ocean Road and finally (saving the best for last) New Zealand. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images from Sydney.  

Sydney Opera House Sydney Darling Harbour

Click here to an image above to view the Sydney gallery.


Updated Website Design

I further revised the aesthetics in the website design. I’m not a professional web designer, so any suggestions on improving the look and feel of this site are always welcome. 

Revised Categorization

I expanded the three previous photo categories into the following six: *

  • Urban and Architectural
  • Abstract and Manipulation
  • Rustic and Naturescapes
  • Animals
  • Macro-photographic
  • People

These galleries have since been reorganized into new portfolio galleries, which are displayed on the main "Galleries".  Images from most of the older galleries are still available in the section entitled "Archives", primarily for personal archiving purposes.

While my interest in architecture initially attracted me to photography, over time I have come to enjoy a broader array of subject matter. To better reflect this variety, I reorganized old and new photos within the above categories. I have also increased the online image quality and resolution (though still presented at relatively low resolutions for viewing and security purposes).

New Photos Added

I added some new photos, samples of which are thumbnailed below (and are linked to their current galleries, which have been revised since this update was originally posted).


East Texas Boat House Standard poodle, Jamie Mexican Federal police at the Palacio Nacional

Click an image above to view an updated gallery 


As of this update, I have lived in Houston for exactly three years, so it's a little sad that I've just recently begun exploring this city with my camera. For now, I've posted seven dusk / night downtown images taken with an old Leica SLR in May 2008, plus one additional picture taken by another individual, Daniel Santamaria (Daniel’s picture is of my Leica sitting on a tripod with skyscrapers in the background, taken as I was setting up for long exposures). 

Houston is a diverse, fascinating and underrated city with in-exhaustive photographic possibilities. I plan to add many new H-Town images in the future.

Houston Main Street
Click image or here to view the gallery.


After another long hiatus of neglect, this website has finally undergone a much needed update in design and organization. I’m pleased with the overall look and feel, but plan to make further refinements as I continue to learn more about the new web authoring software I’m now using.

New images will soon be added covering a variety of subject matter, including Houston architecture.


These photos were taken in late March 2005 when I traveled to Savannah for my sister's wedding. The wedding was held at Mickve Israel synagogue, which is the third oldest Jewish congregation in North America, as well as the only gothic style synagogue on the continent. Over the weekend I was there, I managed to take these few pictures. I had a wonderful time at the wedding, but need to return to further explore this picturesque and historic city.

Savannah Reflections

Click here or the image above to view the Savannah gallery.


These are images from early March 2005, when I drove eight hours from my then home in Austin to meet my sister and her friends in this small, eclectic, ranching town in the west Texas desert. We all had an amazing time exploring the area and hanging out at the retro Thunderbird Motel (which, incidentally, is the sister property of Hotel San José in Austin). No fleeting glimpses of the mysterious Marfa Lights this time, but I’ll return to hopefully see that and much more in and around this amazing and beautiful place.

Marfa, Texas

Click here or the image above to view the Marfa gallery.


If you’re paying attention to the dates of these entries, you’ll notice that I have not updated this website for about four years. In that time, I moved from Los Angeles to Fort Worth to Austin to Houston, and in between, photography slipped through the cracks. However, I am now settled in Houston (been here exactly one year) and hope to again regularly update this website with new work.

For now, I have tried to give the website an aesthetic facelift, utilizing a new visual scheme which I believe is more conducive for viewing photography online. In the near future, I plan to add some new architectural and landscape work from Savannah, Marfa and Houston.


A place I once called home — if only for a brief time — I had not returned to San Francisco to visit in over a year. Driving up from L.A. for the weekend earlier this month to spend time with friends and family was long overdue and made me remember how much I enjoyed living in the Bay Area. These new photos are the product of several long hikes over the course of that weekend spanning the Mission, North Beach, SoMa, and South Beach neighborhoods.

Telegraph Hill in San Francisco

Click here or the image above to view the San Francisco gallery.


Obtaining permission for a shoot in the L.A. subway is an irritating process, to say the least. It required at least fifteen phone calls to the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), faxing several ridiculous permission forms that I’m sure no one even looked at, and engaging in mind-numbingly irrational arguments with both MTA officials and even a few subway drivers. Eventually, I received the required permissions for a brief shoot in October 2002 of my favorite station at the corner of Hollywood and Highland.

Hollywood and Highland Subway Station Hollywood and Highland Subway Station

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Three new photos have been added of downtown Dallas from Ross Avenue near the Fountain Place Tower and the Dallas Museum of Art at early dusk.
Dallas Museum of Art
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