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BRAZIL: Photos from a two-week trip in April 2012 to Brazil. The images are generally arranged in chronological order of the trip, starting in Rio de Janeiro, then Ouro Preto, Ilha Grande, Paraty, and finally back to Rio. Please make sure to keep scrolling down as there are lots and lots of pictures!
Rio Sunrise IIRio Sunrise IIIRio Morning Silhouette IUrca BeachRio Sunrise IVPraia de BotafogoRio Morning Silhouette IIParque do FlamengoRio Sunrise VSt. SebastianIgreja São José IIgreja São José IIIgreja São José IIIEscadaria SelarónCentro Buildings ICentro Buildings IICristo Redentor ICristo Redentor IICristo Redentor IIICristo Redentor IV