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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: It was a rough ride on the overnight Greyhound bus from Sydney to Melbourne (not my recommended means of travling between the two cities!). However, my mood changed immediately as soon as I stepped off the bus in Melbourne. I arrived early in the morning on December 30, 2010, checked into the Miami Hotel and immediately hit the nearby cafes on Errol Street, then the Victoria Market, Federation Square, and finally a bar along the Yarra River that my cousin recommended. I stayed through January 3, 2011, and enjoyed every minute walking the streets, taking in the sights and food, visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, and watching fireworks on New Years Eve on the Yarra River (which is where I also met a new friend, also a photographer, who showed me around the city two days later, including the city's graffiti alleyways, St. Kilda beach, and a hotel restroom with an amazing view!).