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CALIFORNIA ROADTRIP 2013: These are pictures from a week-long photography roadtrip in California with my father. These images are arranged in chronological order of the trip (from top to bottom), starting in Los Angeles (June 15), to Santa Barbara, Montaña de Oro State Park, and Morro Bay (June 16-17), to Big Sur (June 17-18), to Carmel and San Francisco (June 18), to Tomales Bay, Point Reyes and South Lake Tahoe (June 19-20), to Mono Lake (June 20-21), to Yosemite National Park (June 21-22), and finally arriving in Claremont back in the Greater Los Angeles area (June 22-23).
Los AngelesSanta Barbara WharfSanta Barbara SeahorseSanta Barbara BirdClassic at Pismo Beach Car Show IClassic at Pismo Beach Car Show IIClassic at Pismo Beach Car Show IIIClassic at Pismo Beach Car Show IVPismo BeachMontaña de Oro State Park IMontaña de Oro State Park IIMontaña de Oro State Park IIIMontaña de Oro State Park IVMontaña de Oro State Park VMontaña de Oro State Park VIMontaña de Oro State Park VIIMontaña de Oro State Park VIIIMontaña de Oro State Park IXMontaña de Oro State Park XMorro Bay Power Plant I